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Custom Software Development

The process of modeling, programming, installing, and special software for a specific client, activities, or enterprise is known as custom software development. This software is tailored to the particular requirements of your business. Because of the enhanced functionality that a bespoke solution delivers, custom software development can get a competitive advantage within the market. We provide custom software solutions such as computer software, online and mobile app development, DevOps and Quality assurance, cloud services, UI, and UX are delivered by skilled professionals capable of handling clients’ business challenges.

Custom software development is required to improve productivity, efficiency, and consumer relations because it suits a given organization’s identity. No two businesses are identical; it makes perfect sense to search for software that accommodates their specific requirements. Customized software is more efficient than off-the-shelf software and ensures that the software has all of the features and functionalities that the Client requires to simplify its processes.

IT Outsourcing

As more businesses move their operations online, it’s always simpler to outsource your work, especially if they are experts who can complete your project timely. It’s becoming challenging to recruit and train the IT workforce. Hiring and training an IT workforce may be costly, and temporary workers don’t always meet your expectations. Outsourcing enables us to focus your human resources where they are most required, and, for most cases, it’s much less expensive than hiring and training your development team. Particularly if you only have to do a one-time project.

We at Al-FATAH Tech are IT outsourcing professionals. We are not merely an IT outsourcing firm itself, but we’ve also assigned operations to other companies. So we have the viewpoints of both the provider and the Client. Our professional skills and knowledge and our flexibility and industrial expertise enable us to provide solid solutions to our clients that help them strengthen their operations and achieve Digital Success.

Product Development

Product development usually refers to the entire process of taking a product from concept through designing, developing, and deploying. In other words, product development includes the design process as a whole, development, quality assurance, and deployment of a product/solution. To develop a high-quality product that solves problems and achieves requirements, one must follow a set of systemic steps:

  • Assessing market need.
  • Assessing potential.
  • Attempting to understand creation.
  • The verifying solution is the most frequent step through which products typically advance.

Product development is a broad process of designing, developing solutions, and bringing products to market involving many different teams.

Al-FATAH Tech devotes a significant amount of time and effort to product development. The primary benefit of following a predefined product development process is that product requirements can be matched to business demands, and a solution that best meets those needs may be provided. You can select the model that best suits your company’s needs and get started on the road to success.

E-­Commerce Solution

You’re not alone if you’re exhausted from searching for the optimal eCommerce solution for your business. Many businesses are frustrated because they don’t know which platforms to enhance their company concept. Choosing an online eCommerce solution is extremely important because you must feel comfortable while using it, and it must be something you will use for a long time. To pick an e-commerce platform, you must think about what you need to do for your company and base it on your needs.

Al-FATAH Tech delivers superior eCommerce development services and solutions to improve the shopping experience and customer relationships. We’ll assist you with business planning, Custom E-commerce web development, Web portal development, UI/UX Services, Progressive web apps, new products, and publications. You will be able to enhance your online sales with our eCommerce solution services since we will supply you with tailored and modernized E-Commerce solutions to achieve increased ROI and overall productivity.

IT Consulting

Today, you must guarantee that high-quality goods and services are consistently delivered to your business operations and customers. To stay competitive and fulfill customers’ needs, you must also integrate new technology. At Al-FATAH Tech, We’ve been advising businesses of all sizes and structures to enhance and upgrade their IT operations. Several of our Information and technology professionals have years of experience in the industry. As a result, we’ve developed a practical approach to IT consultancy that enables us to provide maximum benefit in the shortest time possible.

 At Al-FATAH Tech, we put in the time, commitment, and knowledge of our greatest minds to develop a complete IT plan for your organization’s digital and technical transformation that corresponds with your strategic goals. Our strategic IT consulting services will assist you in optimizing and digitization activities, improving your portfolio, and implementing cutting-edge capabilities. Our IT solutions consultancy will guide you in establishing a balance and gaining optimum results.

Website Development

Al- FATAH Tech is committed to assisting small, large, and extensive businesses to escalate through unique Web Design and Web Development Strategies by using up-to-date technologies

We are a top-notch Web Development Company, providing Custom Website Development worldwide. You can count on 100% transparency with our experts’ Web Designers and Web Developers. We aim to deliver the finest web development services. We are digital natives with an approach to open-source Web Development. Your brand and business are essential to our qualified and experienced in-house web development engineers and architects.

Our Related Website Development Services Includes:

  • Website Development
  • Website Design and Re-Design
  • Drupal Development
  • Laravel Development
  • HTML5 Website Development
  • Responsive Design
  • Intranet Development
  • Friendly User Experience
  • E-Commerce Website Development
  • Digital Strategy
  • Development, Integrations, and Platform Engineering
Mobile Apps Development

Our Mobile App Development Services include support, app development, cloud migration, modernization, integration, and security management.

How do we do it?

Our latest technologies and modern approaches help us in utilizing and developing our competencies in:

  • IoT
  • Big data
  • Machine learning
  • AI
  • Image analysis
  • AR
  • DevOps/Continuous Delivery (CD)

Our team is expert in dealing with complex enterprise IT landscapes. For years, Al-FATAH Tech has been accruing experiences from multiple projects from different industries and learned to cope with systems tame of diverse nature and architectural patterns.

The team at Al-FATAH tech is flexible in terms of cooperation. We are always ready to cooperate with our clients so together we can deliver business value to you. If you need or priorities change, we can adjust the responsibility scope on the go and adapt service timelines.

Our core focus is on the TCO of the offered solutions. Analyzing how to optimize operational, maintenance, and other costs in an affordable way is our priority.  

Superlative Software Development Agency

Al-FATAH Tech partners with your enterprise to inspire possibility.

Being a client-oriented software development Agency, we implement top-notch practices and skills for delivering excellence and winning our Client’s satisfaction. We innovate with the passage of time and develop custom software with core industry input. Our customized software development solutions for diverse IT companies, logistics enterprises, e-commerce businesses, education institutions, and healthcare organizations are tailored in a way that makes you a happy client.

Why Rely On Al-FATAH Tech?

Professional IT Specialists

Our team of professional IT specialists has years of experience in delivering a one-stop solution for IT firms worldwide.

Cost Savings

Quality doesn't mean spending a considerable amount of money but reducing costs by offering custom software development solutions is before us.

Cutting Edge Solutions

Leverage powerful technologies and robust architecture to build a web solution that fulfills your needs.

Top Rated Quality Assurance

Your stakeholders can rest assured that our quality assurance services cover every aspect of your project, from functionality to security.

Compete with your Challenges by Hiring Masters of Software Development

Give a boost to your ROI with our custom-built, high-impact, scalable, secure products. Al-FATAH Tech is a full-cycle software Development Company to propel brands to new heights

Over time, we have excelled in the art of tailoring software development and web app development services to help big and small enterprises pull off their next big project stress-free. We take complete ownership to solve complex challenges while working on enterprise-level software projects.

Al-FATAH Tech drives success, improves security, and decreases discovery to design, development, and execution risks. While outlining the software development lifecycle, we understand our Client’s requirement to create exceptional user experiences. Our expertise as a software development firm lies across all verticals: AI, Blockchain, IoT, and Big Data. We offer one-stop solutions to all industries, including Real Estate, Healthcare, Entertainment, Education, and IT firms.

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Our highly experienced engineers, architects and project managers are always on board to provide our clients with masterly built custom software development solutions

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The team’s in-depth knowledge of user interaction and behavior resulted in excellent UI/UX Design. I am glad to be offered by Al-FATAH Tech services. It is one of the best Software Development Agency. Sales Specialist – Healthcare IT Firm


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Al-FATAH Tech team is entirely professional. Their 24/7 support helped us sort out issues in a blink of an eye by delivering timely web development services. Head of Marketing – IT Firm


Shelly Barns

Founder, Social Network Company

100% satisfactory results, Al-FATAH Tech development quite user-friendly and up to dated mobile app for our business. IT Consultant – Educational Firm


Jacob Luke

CTO, Automotive Firm

A great innovation of latest technology and diverse challenges, we got high-end software development services with holistically approached solutions. VP – IT Consulting Firm



COO, Data & Computer Firm

I hired Al-FATAH Tech for providing with an end to end IT consulting service. They assisted me exceptionally in all matters related to my Business startup



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