Engagement Models

AL-FATAH Tech supports many different service engagement models and will collaborate with you to find the best mix of service delivery and pricing models to meet your needs. Don’t see the model that works best for your organization? We can suggest blended models that will get you to your goals.

Our Approach to the Engagement Process

AL-FATAH Tech offers flexible delivery options to accommodate your market needs and adapt to your traditional business culture. Every business is unique, so we believe that every relationship requires a unique strategy. We understand the challenges customers face across different phases of the software lifecycle. Through its multi-engagement experience, AL-FATAH Tech has evolved methods and processes to facilitate communal harmony with its clients for the new product roadmap, application management, re-engineering, and third-party testing.

  • 24/7 support on critical issues
  • Environment monitoring by techno-functional consultants
  • Data security & confidentiality
  • Short-term services to fulfill immediate needs

Engagement Models, We Offer

Our different industry experience, combined with an expert team, allows us to equip your business with proven solutions efficiently. Our engagement models are designed to match the size and scale of your operations. Our best breed of solutions incorporates industry best practices and the latest technology to support your business goals. Our project management capabilities and world-class quality standards ensure that you get software solutions that give your business a new competitive edge.

Fixed Bid

The development process is created accordingly as required cost and time estimates based on the project details provided by our client. All payments within this model are made on pre-defined milestones. Your project specifications are frozen, deadline are set and the budget is fixed.

Offshore Staff Augmentation

Leverage our open source expertise to ensure the success of your projects. Provide the facility (space, hardware, s/w & communication infrastructure) & qualified workforce to the client. You can manage the project's complete life cycle and are responsible for deliverables and the quality of the service.

Dedicated Team

Billing is based on hourly rates of the developers included into the dedicated team. No matter what engagement model. No matter what engagement model you will choose to work with AL-FATAH Tech, we guarantee that the development process will be effective and productive.

Time and Materials Contract

AL- FATAH Tech’s Time and Material engagement contract is billing based on actual time invested into the development (man-hours actually worked) as well as actual cost of materials and equipment usage. This model is quite flexible, tailored as our clients changing needs for time and resources.

All Contract Types Include

When it comes to contracts, the best thing is to contact AL-FATAH Tech and get advice from our consultants right away. Our team will analyze your requirements and constraints and create a contract perfectly aligned to your project.

  • Strong non-disclosure obligations
  • Statement of Work
  • Management and reporting terms
  • Maintenance and support conditions
  • Complete transfer of intellectual property rights on the code and documentation that we will develop for you
  • Payment terms depend on the contract type as the rates on software development might vary.
  • Other general conditions typical for master service agreements

A perfect engagement model is a framework that defines the rules for collaboration between a client and an outsourcing vendor. It determines the level of control and responsibility held by the client while simultaneously providing a base to develop the working relationship further. We work to enable businesses to take control of IT and align it towards achieving their goals and objectives. We are capable of implementing the hybrid approach as well, using such methodologies as:


When the project's final goals are not defined, and the customer wants the development team to react to the changed requirements rapidly and spontaneously, choose Agile as its emphasis on experimental software development and design, is orientated toward a teamwork environment, and represents an evolutionary development.


When the customer's requirements are set and changes are not likely to happen throughout the development process, choose Waterfall as it offers reliable budget and time estimation, a secure development process, and 24/7 support.


When the customer wants to manage the development of complex software in a fixed-length iteration, choose Scrum because it is Ideal for the swing project development. It also reduces time to market, and testing is performed throughout the whole process. Moreover, changes are anticipated along the way.


When the customer is not sure about the project's timeline, choose Kanban. It is based upon Agile but involves a more significant visual component, and it could overlap any of the models mentioned above. Kanban increases flexibility. The visualized part makes learning easy, optimizes workflow, and decreases the cycle time.


Providing you with the best communication channels is our top priority, especially when it comes to software development outsourcing. A well-organized and professional interaction is a basis for any outsourcing software development company. We use the following channels:


Instant Messaging

Project Management Systems

Versioning Systems

Reporting Systems

Guest Visits

How to Start

We focus more on the immediate requirements to cater to, e.g., priority changes, module enhancement, advanced level of development skills, improving the quality, and code reliability. We ensure you get a shorter time for onboarding and knowledge transfer and a highly experienced team of developers, team leads, and architects.

Step 1

You Ask

Contact us, share your ideas and expectations, and we will provide you with the best solution.

Step 2

We Proceed

Together we discuss the details and choose the best engagement model, so you'll have a clear view.

Step 3


We offer the basic plan and suggest the best professionals with the expertise you are looking for.

Step 4

You get

Up to 24-hours management supply according to chosen engagement model and successful outcome.

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Our Technical Support Team will provide you with detailed documented information created by our expert developers, tailored to make you understand all technicalities from installing to activating plugins accordingly into your app.

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