Hire .Net Developers

AL-FATAH Tech is a complete cycle, .NET services provider experienced in building a wide range of custom applications. We know how to make maximum use of .NET Framework advantages, whether we need to use our skills to create new software from scratch, perform complex integration or migrate a legacy application to the Web with ASP.NET.

Scope of Our .NET Services

The software we develop with .NET

Diverse Types of Software

We provide custom build diverse types of .NET software development services tailored to your needs.

Of Various Complexity

Our business-critical solutions with strict requirements for high performance, availability, and highly secure systems are the backbone.

For All Groups of End-Users

We provide B2B software, B2E software, B2C software, Custom enterprise platforms, and apps for business types.

How We Ensure Code Quality

Coding best practices

We embrace progress - whether it's multi-language applications, a workflow that's a mix of modern and legacy, or teams composed of different backgrounds, AL-FATAH Tech has you covered.

Unit testing

Catch tricky bugs to prevent undefined behavior from impacting end-users. AL-FATAH Tech makes sure your codebase is clean and maintainable to increase developer velocity.

Code review practices

AL-FATAH Tech fits with your existing tools and pro-actively raises a hand when the quality or security of your codebase is at risk. We utilize best coding review practices.

Code quality metrics

Enhance your workflow with continuous code quality security. We have thousands of automated Static Code Analysis rules, protecting your app on multiple fronts and guiding your team.

How to start working with us?

Nearly every organization will need to become a tech company to compete tomorrow. Yes, even yours. At AL-FATAH Tech, we are on a mission to help companies develop competitiveness and agility using the software. We help companies become innovation leaders by delivering software teams on demand. Please have a look at our engagement models so you can take your decision now.

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